Kunchakko turns busy

It seems to be a well planned break from cinema for Chackochan. The young actor, who maintained a dignified silence away from movies for a couple of years after his marriage, is making a graceful comeback to Mollywood.

His recent success with the character of Ravivarma in the V K Prakash movie ‘Gulumaal’, has created a renewed interest on the actor, who had been a most popular campus romantic hero for years.

Now Kunchakko Boban is cast in a number of movies which will get into theatres in a couple of months. His immediate releases will be ‘Mummy and Me’ by Jithu Joseph which will grace the theatres by the mid of April. He will have a meaty role in the movie ‘Oridathoru Postman’ directed by Shaji Azeez, which is continuing with its shoot in the sets.

Kunchakko Boban will be Raghunandhan in the movie, an young postman in a village who wants to fight against the odds with the limited salary and life situations.

After completing these movies Kunchakko will be seen in movies of bigger directors like Lal Jose and Shafi. Their movies like ‘Elsamma Enna Aankutty’ and 'Makeup Man' will also get into floors by the end of June.

Anyway, it's happy time Kunchakko.


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