Ashok Chakra is a film based on the true incidents of 26/11 and is a tribute to all the martyrs who lost their lives during the 26/11 terror attacks on Mumbai. Though the film revolves around the incidents of 26/11, the film focuses mainly on Kasab who was caught alive during the terror attack. He will be hanged to death in the film for his atrocities. The film also tells the stories of Hemanth Karkare and others who became martyrs fighting the terrorists.

The film was made much before the verdict on Kasab that came last week. But still director Muneshwar who himself has written the story has concluded the film by hanging Kasab to death. Speaking about this, the director has said in an interview, that he always had the feeling that Kasab would get only death as penalty and nothing less than that. So, he included the idea of hanging Kasab much before the verdict from the court came.

Rajan Verma a look alike of Kasab plays the role of Kasab in this movie. Homy Wadia, Sudesh Berry, Arun Bakshi, Milind Gunaji, Mushtaq Khan, Avtar Gill forms the rest of the star cast.

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