Scores of males are busy salivating over the immensely drool worthy Barbara Mori. And her soaring popularity does inspire envy in collective female hearts. The 'Kites' new find, a Mexican model, telly actress and cine star, is hoping to win over Indian audiences too with the high flying Roshan flick
Of mixed ancestry, Mori gets her Japanese surname from her paternal grandfather. Her modelling stint at an early age in Mexico, paved the way for television and Mori went on to bag acclaim and awards for her histrionics in 'Azul Tequila' and 'Rubi'

Besides, Mori also has a commendable filmography which includes the much lauded 'My Brother's Wife'. Undoubtedly, 'Kites' offers her the global spotlight, as the flick had already bagged centrestage at Cannes in 1999, unveiling its 'first look', with Mori walking the coveted red carpet.In a free wheeling chat Mori sheds light on the Roshan production, director Anurag Basu, personal issues and more. Presenting some succinct excerpts...
On 'Kites'"It's a very special film in every which way. 'Kites' is my first action film. It's my first big budget film, apart from being my first Bollywood movie and my first English film. I have never done anything like this before."

On co actor Hrithik Roshan"The best part about Hrithik is that apart from being a good actor, he is a very fine human being. He was always around for me. And he's such a perfectionist on the sets that he was taking care of every single detail. I hadn't watched any Bollywood movies before I signed 'Kites'. Then I saw 'Jodhaa Akbar' and I was like, is he going to be like this in 'Kites' too? After that I saw 'Koi ..Mil Gaya' and 'Lakshya' and realised what a fabulous actor he is."On Natasha"My character is that of a girl who has a large family. She has brothers and a mother who is sick for most of the time. She needs a lot of money to support her family and she thinks that the best way to do it is to find and marry a rich man. She does find Tony, who is a very rich man in Las Vegas, but she also finds that she does not love him. She loves someone else! Now she has to choose between love and money! What happens then is what 'Kites' is all about. If you do want to fall in love, go and see 'Kites'.

On kissing onscreen"After I decided to do 'Kites', I did see a few Bollywood movies. And I found that whenever there is a kissing scene, the camera goes off... to another scene! I found that quite funny. In Mexican films we have so much kissing and no one makes a big deal out of it. When I had to do a kissing scene for 'Kites' I asked Hrithik if it was such a big matter in India. And he told me that, no, things are changing in the country now..."


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