Ponnar Sankar is a legendary story of two warrior brothers who lived many centuries ago, their story is what history is made of and they are worshipped as kaval devams in the villages even today, their princely story has been recounted through the countless folk ballads and the brothers are known for their bravery, strength of character and valor. On hearing of this valorous tale, a young man adapted a story based on this in 1978, which became a very valuable and acclaimed work of art. The movie Ponner Shankar is based on the book titled Kalaignerin Ponner Sankar written by that young man who is none other than our Honble chief minister of Tamilnadu Dr. Karunanidhi.

Amongst his huge depository of novels and books that Dr.Kalaigner has written over the years, Ponnar Sankar is known to be one of his finest and is very close to his heart. Many eminent people have tried to make this novel into a movie but have not succeeded till now, as Kalaigner was very particular about who would do justice to his story on celluloid. But when Mr.Thiagarajan approached Dr. Kalaigner with his vision to do the movie, he was impressed and gave his consent for the book to be made into a Movie on a unprecedented scale as the script deserves.

Mr.Thigarajan a very famous Actor Producer and Director has now taken up the Himalayan task of bringing to life this mammoth Epic. Mr.Thiagarajan left his lucrative business in garment exports and enjoyed a long successful spell as a hero in the tamil movies. Its only when Prashanth his son, debuted in the tamil industry that Thiagarajan decided to don character roles instead and produce and direct movies for his son. His last directorial venture Shock was an experimental hit horror movie and became a trend setter for the amazing visual techniques used and was well appreciated by the critics and masses alike. He is right now directing and producing his 1983 mega hit Malayur Mombattian with his son Prashanth in the lead, it must be said that its the first time ever that the father directs the son in the same role that he did 25 years ago, the movie is slated to release shortly. After Jeans Prashanth is again donning a dual role as Ponner and sankar in this magnum opus film.

The pre production for this movie has been going on for the last one year, with storyboarding, costume designs and colossal set designs. For very first time a massive ancient township set with its own temple, lake and palaces have been created inside Valluvar Kottam (Chennai) for this movie. The massive sets have generated thousands of jobs for artisans and workmen to showcase their skills. The first leg of shooting which is being planned has a Huge star cast which comprise of Honble central minister Mr.Napoleon, Satyaraj, Raj Kiran,Vijaykumar, Vadivelu, Riyaz khan, Ponvannan, Kushboo, Seetha, Manorama , Sriranjani, Pragathi, Kalai rani et al. About5000 junior artists and 1000 artist from the Chennai sangamam, where real artists with knowledge of south Indian traditional arts are being employed in this film shooting.Around 150 horses, elephants & peacocks, have also been brought to give an authentic feel of an ancient south India.

The invitation card for the movie launch has been created to showcase the quality and grandeur of the movie and is right now the talk of the Tinsel world. The movie script spans across 3 generations of princes and warriors and has 4 major battle sequences, one to be shot underwater as well, 14 forts and amazing sets, the panaromic visual grandeur of long lost days to be recreated with VFX. The jewellery used in the movie by the cast is especially designed and is real gold

For the first time special programmers has been written to create the extraordinary visual effects for this movie. The movie is supported by an excellent cast and crewmembers, who individually are well respected in their fields. A movie on this massive scale has not been attempted in the last 40 years.

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