In a strange coincidence while his daughter Shruti Hassan makes her debut with LUCK her father Kamal Hassan has completed fifty years of his association with the motion pictures in India, and like an old war horse he still carries on.

If there are contours of method acting and the fault zones in the realm of portraying a character Kamal Hassan is one actor who has established new frontiers in the world of Indian cinema and it does not have any parallels. He is an actor in the real sense of terms who continues to persevere never bothered about the image but interested more in interpreting the characters that he plays. His latest release DASHAVATARAM is an ample pointer to this fact. Kamal Hassan also is one actor who has been single-handedly going into the realm of the glorious past of our history and interpreting history in the modern conceptuality.

He is into the world of acting when he was a child of six years of age and is bestowed with the unique distinction of being an actor whose works continue to represent India at the annual Academy Awards competition under the best foreign film category. His involvement with the world of creativity is not only relegated to acting, but he packs it with being a choreographer, a director, a lyricist and a singer to boot. The performance of a Don that he enacted in his 1987 film NAYAGAN directed by Mani Ratnam made even Time magazine to acknowledge his acting prowess.

Kamal Hassan blazed on the world of Hindi cinema with his epic performance in K Balachander's EK DUJE KE LIYE and underlined the importance about the fact that love does not have a language for its expression it can be conveyed through eyes. He did an encore of the same with SADMA. Interestingly enough Kamal Hassan has done quite a large number of roles where he enacted the character of a teacher, and one wonders if there is a latent urge to interpret the world in his own manner that finds expression through enactment of characters in the form of teachers. It is the prowess of his acting acumen that he could make a success out of a silent film PUSHPAK. Besides, he was an integral part of the finest romantic films that has been made in the Indian cinema. As a matter of fact his acting was brought out in a large motif when he was traveling and found that a group of tourists from Philippines were enjoying his acting like anything.

Kamal Haasan has this fetish for being at the cutting edge of technology and he has tried to do it with panache with his films. He showed this zest with aplomb in HEY RAM and then with HINDUSTANI where using the tools of technology he morphed the image of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on to the Indian screen.

Together with Rajnikant he stands as one of the tallest figures that the world of Indian cinema has ever seen, more so Tamil Cinema and the way he is still enticing the movie crazy public, South of the Vindhyas would indeed be having a real treat.


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